Shocking Pinks: Wake Up Children tape (Crash Symbols, 2015)

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Shocking Pinks: Wake Up Children tape

Shocking Pinks: Wake Up Children tape

So this is how lame I am about getting around to reviewing things sometimes. Crash Symbols sent me this tape when it came out almost a year ago and I just never got around to listening to it for the longest time. Shocking Pinks played at a show at my friend’s house (and this band is from New Zealand, mind you, it’s not like they come by here that often) and I had to skip it because my dad was visiting or something. I kept putting off listening to this tape because I wanted to get around to listening to this band’s actual music first. They’ve released albums on Flying Nun and DFA so they’re a pretty big deal, it seems like. I haven’t heard their actual music yet, to this day. I did finally get around to listening to this remix tape, and I feel really dumb because it’s astonishingly good. Some top-notch indie-house, plus an absolutely killer juke/jungle mix by someone named Totems. A few other tracks have a definite footwork influence as well. And then there’s a completely bonkers mix by Career Girls which smashes up jungle breaks and keeps shifting the tempo up and down. Guitars and drums and vocals end up getting diced and looped, so the source material is still present, and it clearly sounds like a remix album of a rock group, but it’s way more fresh and exciting than that description would indicate. The tape’s sold out but you can still listen at Bandcamp.


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