Saturday Looks Good To Me: April 22, 2013 Ann Arbor District Library tape (Life Like, 2016)

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Saturday Looks Good To Me: April 22, 2013 Ann Arbor District Library tape

Saturday Looks Good To Me: April 22, 2013 Ann Arbor District Library tape

SLGTM haven’t released too many live recordings, but I’m glad this concert was preserved. This was a free gig they did in the basement of the main branch of the Ann Arbor library, which is possibly the best library in the entire world. It ended being an unofficial release show for One Kiss Ends It All because they had copies for sale even though it was before the official release date. It has a lot of the same musicians as the album, as well as a couple guests, including Josh Bay (Raw Honey, Known Moons) and Autumn Wetli (Bad Indians, Rebel Kind). It’s not quite unplugged, but it’s certainly hushed and polite for the library crowd, with maybe more of a chamber pop sound than their usual performances. On the recording, most of the applause is edited out, so you probably can’t hear my clapping and cheering. Most of the songs are from their then-new album, but there’s a decent number of All Your Summer Songs classics and the first ever performance of “Everyday”, which has always been one of my favorite SLGTM songs. There’s no telling if Fred Thomas will decide to reactivate SLGTM again, it seemed like there wasn’t much of a response to their last album and he always has a ton of other projects that he’s concentrating on at any given moment, but this is a good flashback to when the moment had returned, and it’s worth revisiting. Also this show happened the same week I first started talking to my best friend so there’s certainly some personal significance to that. Anyway, not sure if the tape is still available anywhere but it’s available digitally on Bandcamp.


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