Mueran Humanos: Miseress (ATP, 2015)

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Mueran Humanos: Miseress

Mueran Humanos: Miseress

A few years ago I reviewed a previous Mueran Humanos release which consisted of two really long, repetitive industrial psych-ish tracks. This one is more focused on songs, and it’s a much less exhausting listen than the previous EP. It’s sort of a mix between Helado Negro-esque trippy Latin electronic pop, Factory Floor-style post-punk industrial dance, and hypnotic psychedelia heavy on the guitar effects. The opening title track is one of the album’s quieter, prettier songs, and “Un Lugar Ideal” is a steady, percussive dance number with distorted guitars. “Mi Auto” is faster and more Krautrock-y, but with swarms of piercing guitars and exuberant vocals. “El Circulo” calms things down a bit but sticks to a steady, hypnotic tempo for its 8 minutes as it cycles through more shaky vocals and guitar effects. “El Vino de las Orgias” is a warped, sideways new wave disco while “Guerrero de la Gloria Negativa” is more of an industrial dirge drowning in fuzz. “La Torre de la Hora” goes to the outer orbits with sparse pulsing bass, disarming delay and sudden crashes, and murky vocals. I wouldn’t have known what to expect from this group even after hearing their previous EP but this ended up going beyond any expectations I would’ve had.

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