Khrysalis: File Dump Error tape (TRASHFUCK Records, 2016)

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Khrysalis: File Dump Error tape

Khrysalis: File Dump Error tape

Somehow this is the very first Khrysalis release, which is honestly quite astonishing considering how long she’s been making tracks under this name (she used to be called Nyarlathotep). Ultra-glitchy drum’n’bass/breakcore beats with frayed, industrial-ish synths which sound like they could be played on guitars at times, maybe. The beats get furious and ultra-choppy, and the songs make you actually feel things. Some of these are instrumental versions of songs she screams over during her shows. Even without vocals, the songs express so much. There’s so many subtle details both in the breaks and the background sounds/melodies. Also, “Celebrate the Night” is so awesome. Just want to put that out there. Considering how long some of these songs have been in the making (I don’t want to say something like “sitting around on her hard drive”), this almost seems like a greatest hits collection of sorts. So much went into these tracks, and they’re all incredible. I’m ultra-biased but this is probably going to end up being my favorite tape of the year. Free download at Bandcamp, but you really should buy it (it’s only 4 bucks).

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