Spectres: Dead (Sonic Cathedral, 2016)

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Spectres: Dead

Spectres: Dead

Not familiar with Spectres themselves, but this is a collection of mostly abrasive rhythmic noise remixes which seem to have some sort of base in a form of non-mainstream rock music. On some track, it seems like the actual semblance of music has been scrubbed out, leaving only noise and throbbing rhythms. Other times, there are vocals and guitars still present, but it’s deconstructed enough to not sound like a proper song or a proper band. And then other songs emphasize techno beats. “Family (Oliver Wilde Remix)” and “Sink (“Factory Floor Remix)” do this while chopping the vocals and guitars up very finely. “This Purgatory (Blood Music Remix)” and “Mirror (Giant Swan Remix)” have beats, but also lots of messy, choppy clanging noises. “Lump (Gramrcy Remix)” is faster and more hypercharged. “Sea of Trees (Richard Fearless Remix)” starts out with steady bumping kick drums and droning, but then develops some nice fuzzy synth melodies. The last few tracks sound more like the works of a rock band, but “Sea of Trees (Andy Bell Remix)” has the vocals completely backwards, not unlike when the Stone Roses played around with backmasking. “This Prugatory (Stuart Braithwaite Remix)” has clearer vocals, coming closer to recent Wire, but the guitars are mostly replaced by shimmering synths.

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