Sei A: Space In Your Mind (Aus Music, 2016)

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Sei A: Space In Your Mind

Sei A: Space In Your Mind

3rd album from a British techno producer who’s released music on Kompakt, Turbo, International Deejay Gigolo, etc. As with a lot of dance music producers who release tons of 12″s, he experiments a bit more on the album format. There’s dance beats, but they aren’t always upfront or propulsive. Most of the tracks aren’t geared towards the club. They’re generally around 4 or 5 minutes, with a few reaching beyond that. Vocals appear throughout the album, sometimes by Will Samson, sometimes (I’m assuming) by Sei A himself, but they aren’t always proper lyrics. The Samson tracks are certainly the most structured and lyrical ones, although “Ancestors” is darker and has less vocals, and it stands out. There’s some Burial-ish U.K. garage/dubstep flavor to opener “Always”. “Linear” takes a long time to build, with the beat coming in after 3 minutes, but it’s sounds really bubbly and atmospheric and nice. “Morning Soldier” is a nice midtempo waking-up-around-10-AM track. “Tides” is a subdued Samson tune with an uptempo electro kick. “Exit” is a whispery ambient track with a different singer, Daudi Matsiko. Album-ending “Trails of Gold” seems unassuming, but it’s a really good early IDM-sounding track.

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