Jerry Paper: Toon Time Raw! (Bayonet, 2016)

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Jerry Paper: Toon Time Raw!

Jerry Paper: Toon Time Raw!

Jerry Paper always seemed like the sort of Gary Wilson-esque outsider artist that I just couldn’t quite wrap my head around. He just never seemed like anything other than just some weird guy making ironic MIDI lounge-pop. This album is a big step up, as he’s backed by an incredible band here named Easy Feelings Unlimited. The promo sticker states that they’re “a band of jazz-trained clowns who will remain anonymous”, and as funny as that sounds, they seem versatile, creative, and even funky. Turns out they’re actually BadBadNotGood in disguise, which explains why the music’s so good. Jerry’s vocals have improved from the nonchalant shrug on some of his earlier releases. It still definitely seems like his sound, but it’s just better. I’m usually the type of snob who thinks people’s earlier, more lo-fi releases are better, but not this time. Oh, and the lyrics. They’re pretty fucked up! Very surrealist and kind of disturbing, exploring a Roger Rabbit-esque dichotomy between humans and toons. The music is somehow less cartoonish than previous Jerry Paper albums; or, rather, it’s just better animated.

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