Snakepiss: Knives LP (Chambray Records, 2016)

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Snakepiss: Knives LP

Snakepiss: Knives LP

First proper LP from a mysterious Detroit artist who’s already put out a few stellar EPs on Chambray Records. This is a proper album, not a collection of tracks, and they’re all sequenced in a way that seems to tell a story, with recurring elements drifting from track to track. BPMs are listed on the back, so you can keep track of which track is which by what tempo they are. There’s some electro, some dark instrumental hip-hop, some techno, etc. A few songs on side B have female vocals and are sort of like haunted pop songs. Actually some of these tracks kind of remind me of recent Andy Stott (maybe not quite as obtuse/diseased), and the last track has a slight bit of a Burial flavor (not quite as rain-soaked). Seriously awesome, as always. Although I do have to say that I’m kind of creeped out at how much the guy on the cover looks like me when I was in college.

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