P. Morris: Low + Teeth (Bear Club Music Group, 2016)

June 12, 2016 at 11:20 pm | Posted in Reviews | 1 Comment

P. Morris: Low

P. Morris: Low

Very unconventional, confusing beats and edits from LA. The producer refers to his sound as “goombawave”. Seems like very abstract hip-hop production, but a lot of times it just seems to stop and start up again like a trick candle. “Hot Life” is a bit more of a conventional rap track with a verse by Haleek Maul, but then it ends and goes into a sad string passage called “Blood King”. “Great Expectations” is a minute of sad pianos with cartoonish strings poking out here and there. “Bad Habits” has traces of that Al Bowlly sample used in White Town’s “Your Woman”, mashed up with horns and some beats and vocals reminiscent of early James Blake.

P. Morris: Teeth

P. Morris: Teeth

Teeth is a literal continuation of Low, even beginning with the same samples. It’s also even more fractured and scattered, with plenty of long silent pauses between explosive beats, short tracks that don’t seem to have a clear beginning or end, recurring samples, orchestral bombast, heavy snapping bass, MORE FIRE, and moments that seem to fall flat on the ground only to be back in the swing of things seconds later. And while it all might sound like a random collage, the release ends with the entire work performed live at Low End Theory. It’s clearly all deliberate. Very strange, and something that encourages many repeated listens. Also, these are both the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more recordings on Bandcamp dating back several years.


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  1. thank you for ur review

    love morris

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