Moth Eggs: Adventures Away (OSR Tapes, 2016)

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Moth Eggs: Adventures Away

Moth Eggs: Adventures Away

Moth Eggs is the solo lo-fi bedroom pop project of one Francis Carr Jr., and it’s perfectly at home on OSR Tapes along with people like Zach Phillips (whose “Better As Billy” is covered on this album), Chris Weisman, and Joey Pizza Slice. Carr’s songs sometimes have the angularity of Phillips’, especially tracks like “Puddle Jumper”, but they’re overall closer to bubblegum power-pop, with some nods to glam, classic rock, surf, etc. “Cartoons” has high-pitched alien vocals and cartoon sound effects, and helps set the animated, childlike tone for the album. “Tele-Kiss” is another excited, gee-whiz pop anthem. “Silver Sandz” is longer and slower and definitely not as cheerful. “Low Voltaage Angel” is also around 6 minutes and is riddled with sound effects, mysterious voices, and curious melodies, recalling a more chilled out Cloud Becomes Your Hand. Carr definitely does not have a professionally trained singing voice, so his exuberant but off-key vocals can get kind of grating, but there’s a decent amount of ideas and his gleeful try-anything spirit carries the release.

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