Suzi Analogue: Zonez V.1 (Never Normal, 2016)

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Suzi Analogue: Zonez V.1

Suzi Analogue: Zonez V.1

Suzi Analogue doesn’t release new music too often, but whenever she does it’s always incredibly inventive and high quality. Her newest album isn’t like her song-based R&B/hip-hop releases, it’s more instrumental, but it doesn’t sound like your average beat tape. Most noticeable off the bat is the presence of drum’n’bass on a few tracks, the bright, jumpy kind that sounds like Metalheadz or Reinforced circa 1994, but filtered through modern sampling and just a different perspective on production. The tracks that seem to lean towards R&B are filled with bizarre echoing sounds and beats which seem to bubble up and scatter and not really go in a straight line, but they’re still easy to follow and headnod to. Slow, gothy “Bottled Drizzy Tears” seems to poke fun at the whole sadboy thing without seeming like an obvious parody or joke. “Trak Girl Magic” hints toward DJ Paypal-like juke, especially with the chopped-up vibraphone sample, but somehow the jumpy beat doesn’t really feel as frantic, it almost strangely feels happy hardcore, a tiny bit. The last track “4 Yall” combines the oldschool jungle breaks with fast juke-ish vocal samples and a brief downtempo breakdown. It’s been said before, but Suzi really ought to be far more well-known than she is. Available on her Bandcamp page.

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