AshTreJinkins: Zone of the Enders tape (New Los Angeles, 2016)

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AshTreJinkins: Zone of the Enders tape

AshTreJinkins: Zone of the Enders tape

I thought this was going to be a cool tape of dusty, dirty lo-fi hip-hop breakbeats. There’s hip-hop on here, it has its beat tape moments, but it’s actually way more than that, way different. There’s lots of slow, knackered Andy Stott-like techno, lots of moments where it feels like sounds are melting off the reel. Then there’s dirty acid techno like “Home Burn”. When it does get to off-time hip-hop, as in “Next Area 1”, it feels like it’s being beamed down from a distant, shining UFO. Then there’s so many tracks that don’t have beats at all, they seem weightless, or tampered with by chemicals and slightly mutating. The longest track, “Breathe[n]”, has harsh distorted ambience and a panned hi-hat ticks in suggesting a beat, but the beat never actually comes, and it just sort of tricks your mind and takes it into a zone it wasn’t expecting. Final track “She is Gonna Be Here Soon” feels like being outside a club that’s playing trendy French house music, and you’re straining your ears to figure out what exciting things might be happening inside. A really creative, unexpected, mind-altering tape. Available on Bandcamp.

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