v/a: Tessellations (Houndstooth, 2016)

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v/a: Tessellations

v/a: Tessellations

The ever-intriguing Houndstooth label celebrates its 50th release with a compilation featuring new music from all of its artists so far. The first disc seems to be geared toward the label’s more abstract, downtempo, and vocal-driven side. Snow Ghosts and Soft As Snow (no relation, although Snow Ghosts is related to Throwing Snow, who also make an appearance) have the most dramatic vocal tracks, while Guy Andrews’ track is stunning, dark, and cinematic. Just steer clear of the 18+ track because, well, it’s really not good. The second disc is far more dancey, starting with a Detroit-esque track from House of Black Lanterns (who formerly recorded industrial dubstep on Ninja Tune as King Cannibal). The Akkord track is dark, evil jungle, and it’s amazing. Special Request’s track is faster darkside jungle; it’s not quite as in-your-face but it’s just as much of a headrush. The rest of the tracks are more straightforward techno, and they’re pretty decent. _Unsubscribe_ is an awesome band name (it’s actually a project of U.K. techno/electro veteran Dave Clarke), and their track is fast and frantic. The comp ends with a slower, dirty acid track from Marquis Hawkes, who uses the “I can’t stop” sample Moby sampled two decades ago for the track “Why Can’t It Stop?” released under the name Lopez.

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