Rydberg: s/t (Monotype, 2015)

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Rydberg: s/t

Rydberg: s/t

This is the duo of Werner Dafeldecker and Nicholas Bussmann. Dafeldecker is known for electro-acoustic improv ensembles like Polwechsel, and collaborations with artists like Fennesz, Lawrence English, and even Eugene Chadbourne. I’m not as familiar with Bussmann, he’s worked with Hanno Leichtmann and released music on Staubgold, but a lot of his work doesn’t ring a bell for me. Anyway, this isn’t quite as electro-acoustic and alien as I was expecting, it’s actually quite rhythmic and even techno-influenced. The opening track “Elevator” is pretty calm and minimal, but a thumping beat does emerge and eventually some fluttering oscillations. It slows down and spaces out for a while, with crushed samples crackling away. “Gardening” has more of a structured beat, but it’s more of a mysterious thump than a dance beat, and there’s a rusty fiddle sample dropped in at some point. 14-minute closer “And the Science” sounds a lot closer to techno, with droning ambient synths and a shuffling beat, but it’s still laced with gritty, bubbling feedback noises. It ends up with a distorted bassline and some crude bleeping noises, sounding like a pretty wacked-out take on the early ’90s Warp sound. A strange, unexpected, and successful approach to experimental techno.

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