RONiiA: Sisters EP (Totally Gross National Product, 2016)

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RONiiA: Sisters EP

RONiiA: Sisters EP

Dark gothy indie synth-pop which explores a few different avenues, never really sticking with one sound. Singer Nona Marie Invie used to be in indie folk group Dark Dark Dark and producer Mark McGee was in the incredibly brilliant To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie, who blended ethereal rock and noise in ways I’ve never heard anyone else do. He was also in Father You See Queen, who explored similar terrain. This has elements of those projects, but it seems a bit more upbeat. “Love Me” is a brief punk-inspired number, but instead of buzzsaw guitars, there’s airy synths, echoing vocals, spare drums, and really not much else. “Run” starts out sounding very much like an older Zola Jesus track, with wailing vocals and slow creeping rhythms, but then it ends up building up to 4/4 dance beats and fantastic sound design, with layers of multi-tracked vocals and intricate noises. “Sisters” similarly starts out sparser and unassuming, yet riddled with whispering voices and other details, before blooming into a fuller sound with waves of guitar and flickering, dancey beats. “Beg” is shorter, and starts out soft and intriguing with skittering beats, but it doesn’t develop the way the previous 2 songs do. “Hell” ends the album with slow, sludgy, drifting ballad, and it’s absolutely lovely, doomy without being hard or punishing. Really good dark electronic indie pop which does not succumb to any of the cliches of any of these genre tags. Also, I can’t stress enough, those two albums To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie put out on Kranky are severely underrated, please check them out sometime.

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