Sensational & Kruton: You In the Right Spot 12″ EP (Power Vacuum, 2016)

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Sensational & Kruton: You In the Right Spot 12" EP

Sensational & Kruton: You In the Right Spot 12″ EP

The main reason I’m reviewing this new Sensational EP is so I can immortalize the story of the one time I met the guy. It was about 10 years ago during the annual CMJ festival in NYC. I used to get free passes to CMJ every year when I was a DJ at WRSU in New Jersey. So I’d take the train into the city every night and go to a ton of shows for free. One time I was standing in line outside Webster Hall to try and get in to see Lady Sovereign (lol). This guy comes up to me and he introduces himself as Sensational and he has a new CDR that he’s trying to sell. I’m like oh wow cool, is it on WordSound? But it wasn’t, it was a self-released album. I didn’t really feel like buying it, I’m not really a huge fan of his, but obviously that CDR is pretty rare now. But anyway, he kept asking me if I could get him into the show, but I didn’t really have any way to do that so I couldn’t really do anything. But then when I got in, he found his way in too, and he recognized me and it was all good. Anyway, this EP is par for the course for him, “You In the Right Spot” is one of his more straight-up party tracks, and it’s presented in 2 versions (the “original demo” is the more dancey of the two). The other tracks have his trademark stream of consciousness style with kind of scattered beats and synths, but not as grimy as his early material, which was infamously recorded using headphones plugged into a microphone jack. This is still messy and abstract to most ears, but he knows what he’s doing.


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