Dubcon: Martian Dub Beacon (Metropolis/Subconscious Communications, 2016)

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Dubcon: Martian Dub Beacon

Dubcon: Martian Dub Beacon

Dubcon is a dubwise collision of Twilight Circus (Ryan Moore, formerly of Legendary Pink Dots) and cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy, Plateau, Download, etc). For all intents and purposes, this sounds like Twilight Circus, which means that it’s amazing modern dub. (Also I might as well mention that The Answer Is In The Beat is an indirect, in-joke reference to something Twilight Circus-related… it’s hard to explain, you had to be there.) The album sounds as extreterrestrial as the cover art, but despite the dubby effects and electronic rhythms and synth washes, it still has an earthly quality to it, thanks to drumming from the late, great Style Scott and vocals by Black Uhuru’s Michael Rose. A few tracks are influenced by dubstep’s golden era of a decade ago; “Something in the Sky” strongly resembles Pinch’s classic “Punisher” or any number of Distance singles from around that era. “Watching and Wondering” and “Red Planet” are both good mixes of cavernous, echoing vocals and dub-techno bass. The album seems to a unravel a bit with the trippy, swirling crossed radio-waves of “Passing Phobos”, the final track. I don’t have the best desktop stereo setup in my room, but this album sounds nice and booming.


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