Lesley Flanigan: Hedera (Physical Editions, 2016)

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Lesley Flanigan: Hedera

Lesley Flanigan: Hedera

Lesley Flanigan creates experimental music using her voice and wooden speaker feedback systems she built herself, bringing to mind the work of Jessica Rylan. This EP goes in a different direction than her previous releases, with the CD’s 20-minute title track anchored by a shuddering rhythmic vibration sourced from a broken tape deck, with Flanigan’s ethereal vocals floating on top. The rhythm seems far more considered and subtle once you zone in on it, but the vocals show much more obvious growth and development, blossoming into a choir of the same lonely, yearning voice. Hypnotic would be an understatement, and it’s not hard to be transfixed and not even notice the 20 minutes passing by. “Can Barely Feel My Feet” is much shorter and sparser, merely consisting of whispery layers of vocals before a thin wave of buzzing feedback enters the mix.


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