Traxman feat. DJ Fred: Slash Time – The Album (Duck N’ Cover, 2015)

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Traxman feat. DJ Fred: Slash Time - The Album

Traxman feat. DJ Fred: Slash Time – The Album

Footwork hasn’t been the same since DJ Rashad’s untimely death, but there’s still been some great releases (especially by other Teklife members and Indiana’s Jlin) and worldwide development of the genre. Following 2 Planet Mu albums and digital releases, Traxman joined fellow Chicago innovators DJ Clent and DJ Roc by releasing an album on Duck N’ Cover Records. The album definitely keeps with the spirit of the original, gritty footwork sound, not the Hyperdub one with more of a connection to the jungle, techno, and EDM worlds. Tracks on this CD such as “Boogie Woogie” have uptempo 4/4 beats and even breakbeats, and might have been produced a decade or go, it doesn’t specify the recording dates. “She Take It In The Face” is annoying, sexist, and easily skippable, but after that there’s plenty of intriguing weirdness, like the squirmy Mr. Oizo synths of “Taken A Trip U”, “Unstoppable”, and “Electro Tekk”, and the warp speed laser whip “Slash Time”. “Survive” features an oddly gospel-ish vocal sample and overdriven rave piano-like synths, and then the beats just push it over the top. The last few tracks dig up dusty old soul records from the closet for sample-mining purposes, and “We On Mars” sounds more sleepy and even melancholy than you might expect. Traxman has said that this isn’t a sequel to his Planet Mu albums, but it doesn’t really differ from them too much, it’s still from the same mind.

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