Everest Magma: Modern/Antique LP (Boring Machines, 2015)

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Everest Magma: Modern/Antique LP

Everest Magma: Modern/Antique LP

This one immediately grabs my attention with its dilapidated loops of reversed tablas and short-circuited buzzing. Eventually some tape-damaged vocals creep in, and it just gets more confusing and bewildering. The second track is more steady, but it gets more intense and befuddling, with weird bubbling sounds and delay. The third track starts with sparse voices and pulsing, then attacks with drilling electronic rhythm. The second side has more combinations of harsh pounding rhythms and eerie chanting voices which sound like they’re summoning something from the dead, or maybe being conjured up themselves. The final track sounds deceptively calm, then gets washed and fizzled away with more bizarre effects. The way the vocals sing in that distorted, tape-mangled moan somehow sounds so natural, even if it’s completely artificial and impossible without technology. Anyway, great album, check it out on Bandcamp.

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