CDR: Acid Waltz (AD AAD AT, 2015)

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CDR: Acid Waltz

CDR: Acid Waltz

According to Discogs, so far this year, CDR has released 3 splits, an EP, and a 50-track album. This is all in addition to the hundreds of other releases he’s put out or been featured on since the late ’90s. Acid Waltz still seems to be the most recently released CD by him, thanks to AD AAD AT, who also released the dynamic split 12″ he did with DJ Topgear, which might be his best work to date. This album focuses on marring acid techno with his signature smashed-up Amen breaks and sometimes classical-inspired melodies (not really any anime samples on this album, as far as I can tell). There’s 2 “Acid Hell” tracks which appropriately take his sound into its most overwhelming level of intensity. Not to mention “Too Much Monster Energy”. But then there’s the softer, pretty tracks like “Fin” and both versions of “For You”. And the mutilated hardstyle of “What Is EDM”. You can grab (lo-bitrate) mp3s for free on AD AAD AT’s site, but the CD is well worth buying.

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