Petrichor: Mångata (Soma, 2015)

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Petrichor: Mångata

Petrichor: Mångata

Another one that sort of creeps up on you, but it seems more vital the more you listen. I almost though it was a metal album when I first saw it, until I noticed it was on Soma. Very gorgeous deep-space ambient techno, with unobtrusive but carefully assembled beats and rich washes of wet, dubby pads. While there’s a copious amount of echo surrounding the sparse beats, it doesn’t quite feel accurate to lump this one in with dub techno. It feels like there’s much more of a focus on melody, and the tracks build up a lot more. There’s some progressive, underwater breakbeats and creeping chords which make the album feel like a more submerged version of labelmates such as Slam. Yes, it’s spacey and underwater at the same time somehow, although some tracks are a bit more grounded. Detroit and Berlin influences are alluded to, but the album is still in its own orbit.

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