Skin Lies: Stimulus Regression tape (FM Dust, 2016)

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Skin Lies: Stimulus Regression tape

Skin Lies: Stimulus Regression tape

Skin Lies is former WCBN DJ Dustin Krcatovich (DJ Danny Glover’s Kid, Actual Birds, Mall Mutants), who currently lives in Portland. His new project is way different from the noise/folk/pop/rock of his earlier stuff, this is more swirling cosmic experimental sounds. It’s still noisy and lo-fi, and it still sounds like something that belongs on a cassette tape, it just occupies a much different head space than before. Plenty of Fripp & Eno guitar textures and loops, and lots of early Cluster/Kluster in here as well. The tape is bookended by longer pieces which flow and progress with entrancing rhythms and goopy sounds and tape manipulations, then in the middle there’s 3 shorter mood pieces, of which “Reversal of Fortune” is the most serene. “Interlude/That River Is In My Way” is a long, 2-part epic which seems to get more ominous and haunting as it progresses. This tape is an exciting new start from someone who’s been at it for a long time. Up on Bandcamp now.


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