Ontal: Entropia (Ad Noiseam, 2015)

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Ontal: Entropia

Ontal: Entropia

Frequent collaborators with Dronelock, Ontal are a Serbian duo who have have been putting out loads of crushing industrial techno records since 2013. This is their first album stepping into the spotlight (they also put out an album with Dronelock last year called The Topics), and it delivers the goods with throbbing, dark rhythms which occasionally bring the noise but can still be mixed into a DJ set. The two collaborations, especially the blistering “Steel Forms” with rhythmic noise veteran 2nd Gen, are some of the hardest tracks here. Other tracks have short but powerful repeated melodies, such as the mysterious thumb piano-like sounds on the midtempo “Loa” or the Orbital-like notes in the thudding opener “Foray”. “Entropia” constantly sizzles with feedback, and “Spiritus Ex Machina” is calmer and has a bit more of a shake to it. “Transmigration” is busy, gritty, and breaky, and “Sojitsu” injects rivet-like beats with acid synths. “Invigorated” attacks with a buzzing, distorted d’n’b bassline, but then dissolves into space for its final 2 minutes. The album continues Ad Noiseam’s long-running tradition of bringing quality rhythmic noise and experimental techno, and although this one does have a few super intense tracks, it’s still pretty steady and accessible.


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