Linafornia: Yung tape (Dome of Doom, 2016)

January 24, 2016 at 5:05 pm | Posted in Reviews | Leave a comment

Linafornia: Yung tape

Linafornia: Yung tape

This one appeared in my inbox a few days ago and as soon as I heard it I immediately had to post about it. There’s no shortage of instrumental hip-hop beat tapes out there, but this one is a concentrated burst of energy, with loud, dirty beats, grubby mind-transforming echo effects, and lots of sharp, caustic glitching. It flashes back to the type of boom-bap ’90s hip-hop with jazz and funk samples, but it pulls it apart and adds new dimensions and twists, making it feel like it’s melting and short circuiting. This is absolutely the type of music that deserves to be heard on a tape, but the rapid buzzing and glitching keeps it from sounding too stuck in the ’90s. “Xtrctions” starts out with some scratching, but it feels more like trying to get a conked-out turntable to start working again rather than trying to rock a party. But then the last track does just that by remixing Busta Rhymes with a bunch of backwards beats and flanged-out echo. Easily the best beat scene-type release I’ve heard in a while.

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