(703) 863-4357: Shine Operator tape (Pastel Voids, 2016)

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(703) 863-4357: Shine Operator tape

(703) 863-4357: Shine Operator tape

I was unaware of Pastel Voids before their newest batch, but everything I’ve heard so far has blown me away, especially Jonny Oso, this one, and another one I’m planning on reviewing soon. Of course the label has a Bandcamp with more free downloads than I have time for. But this new batch is all worth checking out. This tape stands out not just because of the fact that the artist name is a phone number (I don’t dare attempt to call the number, but it’s a Northern Virginia area code and the album makes it seems like the number for a sort of radio station), but also because it’s full of cheap breakbeats and gabber kicks. It’s about time the tape-releasing ’90s fetishists start embracing early gabber and happy hardcore. I’m waiting for a full-on Mokum Records revival, myself. Anyway, this tape has kind of a gray, poorly designed wedding album-like cover, but it has some nice stompy beats and a few rave-y melodies. It’s not stuck in the past though, there’s some concessions to recent forms of dance music, some trap beats and juke jitteriness here and there. I think more than anything this just makes me wish Knifehandchop was still making music.

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