Final Cop: Castaway Lakota (Dub Ditch Picnic, 2015)

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Final Cop: Castaway Lakota

Final Cop: Castaway Lakota

German Army seem clearly inspired by early industrial groups like Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle, but they tend to inhabit the murkier, more experimental end of the genre. GeAr founder Peter Kris has another project, Final Cop, which is much more aggressive, guitar-heavy, confrontational, and even occasionally (gasp) melodic than his more prolific outfit. Final Cop’s distorted vocals come a lot closer to Skinny Puppy and their legions of followers, and all of the songs hover around a minute or two, giving them a punk-like immediacy, even if they’re generally midtempo. Fiery guitar and fat, buzzing bass guitar smother the cruddy drum machine beats, and the snarled, nearly indecipherable vocals (along with sampled voices on a few tracks) complete their sound. The short, blistering songs are still pretty experimental, this doesn’t come close to sounding like goth club EBM/industrial, and this isn’t the place to look for conventional song structures or hooks either, but it’s still a neat burst of furious, bit-crushed industrial rage.


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