Evil Robot Ted: Hints About the Sick Room tape (Scolex Recordings, 2015)

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Evil Robot Ted: Hints About the Sick Room tape

Evil Robot Ted: Hints About the Sick Room tape

Known for running Brokecore Recordings since back in the day and sharing split CD-R’s with artists such as Dental Work, Metal Babble, and Scissor Shock, Evil Robot Ted (John Marra) has been releasing his frantic brand of frantic ambient glitchcore for ages now. This tape on NJ-based Scolex Recordings is a sizeable sampling of his wares, ranging from the extended hip-hop experiment “Instar” to intense breakcore meltdown “Pyramid Materialization” to plenty of smeared ambient washouts. “Identifing a Skeleton as Holy” has a slowed-down, skipping industrial rhythm juxtaposed with a bright, star-like melody which is also riddled with glitches. A lot of the tracks on the B-side are shorter, more disconnected experiments, but “Anhydrobiosis” works up some slippery breakbeats, and “Cara Oculta” is a super gorgeous thing with a saddening melody and a crushed, trudging beat. “Honey Stomach” is sound of your life dripping away while you’re sick in bed drinking 50 cups of tea a day, and then the miasmic “Overkill All Over Again” explains itself. This is an incredible album and I wish I heard it before the beginning of this year so I could’ve included it during my Best of 2015 festivities. Free download on Bandcamp.


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