Bersarin Quartett: III (Denovali, 2015)

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Bersarin Quartett: III

Bersarin Quartett: III

Not a group, but actually a solo project of sound sculptor Thomas Bücker, Bersarin Quartett constructs wide-eyed but melancholy ambient and downtempo, with extended loops of cinematic strings. The instruments (pianos, horns, etc.) are usually recognizable, but he manipulates and processes them so that sometimes they sound grainy or wavy. He also seems to make a point of the fact that he’s using loops, in the way they they often suddenly cut off and restart, rather than making them clean and continuous sounding. In some ways, it sounds fragile, broken, and decaying, but in others, it’s vibrant and pulsating, and seems to have been crafted with the utmost of care. There’s acoustic drums and plenty of booming bass tones, as well as rich clouds of atmospheric synths. Picking out highlights is difficult and ultimately pointless, as the tracks all seem to inhabit a similar mood, but Umschlungen Von Milliarden” might be the album’s most emotionally heavy track, and “Sanft Verblassen Die Geschichten” seems to have a greater concentration of forlorn acoustic stringed instruments, at least before the storm clouds take over. “Welche Welt” features vocals by Clara Hill floating in the ether. “Ist Es Das, Was Du Willst” has the album’s most crunchy beat manipulation, and it’s cloaked in thunder cracks and cymbal swells. The billowing purple clouds adorning the album’s artwork are apt; this is the type of album that seeps into you like a gas, and while it’s hard to tell at first whether the gas is safe or not, ultimately it ends up being helpful rather than harmful.


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