Teeth of the Sea: Highly Deadly Black Tarantula (Rocket Recordings, 2015)

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Teeth of the Sea: Highly Deadly Black Tarantula

Teeth of the Sea: Highly Deadly Black Tarantula

This London-based group formed after witnessing a Wolf Eyes gig, which tells you part of what they sound like, but only a small piece. There’s harsh noise and shrieking industrial vocals, yes, but there’s also horns and spaghetti western guitars, as well as minimalist Krautrock rhythms. “All My Venom” slowly builds up to acid rock guitars, deranged mariachi horns, thudding industrial beats, and crazed screaming. “Animal Manservant” starts with another jackhammering industrial beat and more screaming, but then develops brassy ’80s soundtrack synths. “Field Punishment” is more of a sparse, trippy techno track, but with more cinematic guitars and horns joining the pulsating electro beats and synths. “Have You Ever Held a Bird of Prey” begins with 4 minutes of near silence before an electronic pulse and jagged guitars come in. Subliminal voices whisper underneath the hypnotic throbbing for the remainder of the track. “Phonogene” is a short interlude of scrambled, skipping voices, and the 11-minute epic “Love Theme For 1984” ends the album, slowly building up acoustic guitars and Boards Of Canada-like synths, before more echo-drenched horns and guitars build up and die down, with the track’s final two minutes dissipating into space. A really stunning album which truly sounds like nothing else, and yet somehow the “psychedelic” tag still fits.


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