Majeure: Union of Worlds tape (Constellation Tatsu, 2015)

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Majeure: Union of Worlds tape

Majeure: Union of Worlds tape

Anthony Paterra of Zombi continues his extracurricular project with his first release for CTatsu. This album seems a lot less prog-rock than much of his work, but only because there don’t seem to be any guitars. On one hand, I feel like there isn’t a whole lot more to say about cosmic synth type records. There’s arpeggios, there’s wooshing sounds, there’s sci-fi or horror score cues, it all sounds cool, what more do you want? But he still seems to be doing something a little bit above and beyond that. “Physis” is a pretty fantastic galaxy space war scene, it’s very busy and animated and has bashing electro-drums, and it’s over in 4 minutes. The album gets a bit frosty after that (just see “Appalachian Winter Blues”), and then there’s beats. “Posthuman” has a constant midtempo kick drum, but the sounds buzzing and swinging on top of it are in 3/4 time, making it some sort of space disco waltz. “Union of Worlds” starts off with a tense pulse, but then it derails into a long bout with space loneliness. On Bandcamp and cassette now, but I think there’s a vinyl pressing coming soon?

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