Ryan Huber: Tacht CD-r (Inam Records, 2015)

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Ryan Huber: Tacht CD-r

Ryan Huber: Tacht CD-r

The restlessly prolific Ryan Huber’s latest album seems to be a bit of a change, maybe a refinement from past work. There’s much less swarming drone than previous recordings, and much more concise running times compared to some of his recent work. Much of it is heavily sequenced/looped, not really anything like solos or melodies or things like that. Some of it has stuttering textures which might make it seem like the CD is skipping. “Tacht” is basically just staccato pulses which flicker rapidly. “Madon” is sparkling, shimmering atmosphere which gradually develops a low, thumping beat. “Strife / Silence” has constantly ticking metallic hi-hat sounds and twitchy bass as well as cricket-like sounds. “Concrete Teeth” basically sounds like being trapped in a really intense car wash. “Dumah” is Huber at his most Raster-Noton/Stroboscopic Artefacts-like, with minimal clicks, bleeps, and pulses in a precise, clinical rhythm. “The Will” is 5 minutes of intense grinding with some faint pulses forming out a rhythm. “Target” seems to be the most clear, driving techno track, but there’s an odd woodpecker drilling sound throughout it, and then it ends very abruptly. Free download at Bandcamp.

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