The Kendal Mintcake/Patrick Cosmos: split tape (Big Sleep Records, 2015)

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The Kendal Mintcake/Patrick Cosmos: split tape

The Kendal Mintcake/Patrick Cosmos: split tape

I received a review copy of this tape a few months ago, and soon after I drove to Chicago to see Autechre and I found a copy of this tape at one of the two branches of Reckless Records that I visited. Turns out that Patrick Cosmos is from Chicago, so it’s not that much of a coincidence, but the chance of across two copies of a non-local tape that’s limited to less than 100 copies is usually pretty slim. Anyway, the name Kendal Mintcake somehow made me expect some sort of Elephant 6 knockoff band, but instead it’s solo synth stuff. There’s definitely something bright green (but not Emeralds-y) about his work. It moves slowly and there’s a cloudy haze to it, but there’s also pretty upfront, pronounced exploratory melodies. It ends with a curious feedback wave loop. The Patrick Cosmos side is immediately more amped-up, noisy, droney, and melodic, as well as having some weird grinding texture underneath. This side is one long cosmic dream, while the other side is four shorter (but inter-connected) parts. Probably still available at Reckless Records, but if you’re not in Chicago, there’s always Bandcamp.

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