Ross Manning: Interlacing LP (Room40, 2015)

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Ross Manning: Interlacing LP

Ross Manning: Interlacing LP

Room40 debut by an Australian experimental artist who has done numerous installations and exhibits throughout Australia. A pretty wide variety of different works for homemade instruments and cracked electronics. “Led Vert” starts out as scanner-like drone and then layers on some flittering, buzzing electronics, sounding a little bit like a more smoothed out, less noisy version of some of Aaron Dilloway’s works. “Sinew and Cats” is grounded in a slightly more aggressive buzz, with a bit more sour, piercing sounds weaving in and out. “%” seems to be a field recording of a bunch of noisy homemade contraptions. Apparently he’s using an electric fan and connecting it to a bunch of small objects with a rope, so it has a constant fluttering rhythm which triggers incidental melodies. “Expand Scatter” is closer to the first 2 pieces, but a bit more of a wider range, going through heavier noise/static passages to more chiming ones, with lots of signal interruptions. “Silhouettes” is the longest piece at nearly 10 minutes, and it balances an uneasy drone with all sorts of bizarre mechanical sounds. Sounds like a lot of household machines going haywire, maybe some evil elves ransacking the studio when the composer’s not around. It’s actually pretty warped and trippy.


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