Prairie: Like a Pack of Hounds (Shitkatapult, 2015)

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Prairie: Like a Pack of Hounds

Prairie: Like a Pack of Hounds

It’s officially end of year list season, so (for music geeks like me) it’s time to frantically find music that came out this year that I missed. If you’re in a similar mindset, this is an album you shouldn’t overlook if you’re into strange, dark, unpredictable music. I’m digging through mountains of promo CDs from my job (long story) and this one ended up in my possession, and I put it on without any expectations and was floored. It starts out as dark, broken drone with field recordings, then goes through intense, decaying guitar loops and backwards textures, ending up with some murder folk and shredded guitar noise. This CD also includes the entirety of Prairie’s earlier EP titled I’m So In Love I Almost Forgot I Survived A Disaster. A lot of that EP sounds like Fuck Buttons, but it’s way better, partially because Fuck Buttons is such a terrible band name. Seriously though, Prairie is doing some pretty incredible dark ambient noise folk and shouldn’t be overlooked.

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