Linear Downfall: Sufferland (self-released, 2015)

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Linear Downfall: Sufferland

Linear Downfall: Sufferland

This Nashville-based group has collaborated extensively with the Flaming Lips, but this is the first I’ve heard of their music. Of course, this band’s music is trippy, but it’s also harsh and noisy and violent and schizophrenic. It alternates between sweet and fragile, and thrashy and noisy, echoing some Digital Hardcore bands as well as early Crystal Castles. I missed this group when they played in Detroit this past weekend (I wanted to go, Warren Defever was opening!) and I can only assume they had trouble fitting all their synths on the tiny PJ’s Lager House stage. The synths are always buzzing and on the verge of malfunctioning, and sometimes the beats or rhythms seem off balance. There’s all sorts of rhythmic explosions and glitches, and some of the vocals sound vulnerable and scared. Some of it gets pretty unhinged. There’s some heavy Krautrock-like rhythms, and at one point there’s strange gospel-ish vocals floating around in space. Very unpredictable, bewildering album. Also, like Hit to Death in the Future Head, it ends with at least half an hour of some hard-panned repetitive noise that nobody needs to listen to all the way through. Other than this loop, you can hear/buy the album at Bandcamp.

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