Les Tourbillons Lacrymaux/Diane Valence: /// split tape (THRHNDRDSVNTNN, 2015)

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Les Tourbillons Lacrymaux/Diane Valence: /// split tape

Les Tourbillons Lacrymaux/Diane Valence: /// split tape

The first side of this hissy tape seems to bubble up from out of a dark fuzzy blue fog. Then it floats through a windy, weird-feeling night, the type that makes you feel extra cautious, but everything’s actually fine and there’s nothing to fear. It’s still super windy and it feels like the weather is somehow warping the earth. The last transmission on the A-side is still enshrouded in mist, but there’s a playful pulse suggesting that whatever spirit is lurking inside, it’s smiling somehow. The second side inhabits a similar terrain, but it’s a bit more expansive and certainly more melancholy. It seems like something is calling out from a distance, even if it’s not totally audible. The final piece gets deeper and more overwhelming, but there’s still the familiar cassette warble and hum to contain it and keep it from getting too overpowering. Some of the 30 copies of this tape are still available on Bandcamp.

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