Le Flange Du Mal: Carrion, My Wayward Son LP (Resipiscent, 2015)

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Le Flange Du Mal: Carrion, My Wayward Son LP

Le Flange Du Mal: Carrion, My Wayward Son LP

Political art-punk quartet with a small arsenal of instruments including horns, synths, organs, bells, tambura, and more. Apparently this band was active a decade or so ago and this is kind of a lost album, but it’s being released now and coincidentally, the original lineup of the band is playing shows again. Regardless of when this album was recorded, it sounds pretty current; some of it could be Scissor Now! with more instruments. What’s really remarkable is that this group avoids sounding messy or too weird for weirdness’s sake; all of the different instruments and intricate vocal arrangements make perfect sense, nothing sounds random or cluttered. In some weird way it’s even kind of poppy, not really “noise-rock” at all, although it’s still of interest to fans of music that gets branded with that term. The album’s most hypnotic, danceable cut turns out to be a Crass cover (“Shaved Women”). “Iacocca” appears to have some line about “burning Detroit”, if I’m hearing correctly.

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