Black Wing: Is Doomed (The Flenser/Enemies List Home Recordings, 2015)

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Black Wing: Is Doomed

Black Wing: Is Doomed

“Depressive chillwave” project of Dan Barrett of Have a Nice Life. Quite literally, this album is what happens when you have health problems and are stuck inside, bleeding and strapped to medical machines, unable to go outside and enjoy the gorgeous summer weather, so you decide to make an album. Slow, lurching beats and dark synths, with undistorted (but sad) vocals on top. “My Body Betrayed Me” (the first song released by the project) opens with droning synths and an industrial-like distorted beat, but then the synth melody that comes in sounds like it would be bright if it weren’t so dark, if that makes sense. Instrumental “DSA” lightens things up a bit with a more propulsive beat and synth bassline. Album highlight “Death Sentences” hits me right in the feels with its mantra of “can’t relate to anyone.” “If I Let Him In” is another slow, gloomy electro-pop epic with ticking drum machine beats and hazy synths. To be sure, this is a seriously depressed album, but Barrett has an incredible melodic sense and his lyrics ring true. Quite a remarkable album.


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