Ahleuchatistas: Arrebato (International Anthem Recording Co., 2015)

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Ahleuchatistas: Arrebato

Ahleuchatistas: Arrebato

Ahleuchatistas have been around for over a decade, releasing albums on Cuneiform and Tzadik as well as several smaller labels, and generally being sort of a well-kept secret in the noise-rock/math-rock underground. Once a trio, the group is now just the duo of Ryan Oslance (drums) and Shane Parish (guitar). This album is surprisingly more accessible and clean-sounding than anything else I’ve heard by them. There’s not as much harsh, thundering drums or complicated riffs or time signatures. “Rincon Pio Sound” is short, sweet, and positively heart-tugging. Other tracks are shimmering and repetitive, building sounds and excitedly splashing them into each other. “La Faena” features springing guitar effects which often sound like keyboards rather than guitars, and the 10-minute track takes a long time to end, hitting one big chord, letting it ring all the way out, and then hitting it again, several times over the last few minutes of the song. The album’s second half is a little rougher and more angular than the more melodic first half. “Shelter in Place” gets a little more furious and rumbling, and gets a bit woozy during the last couple minutes. “Erosion” seems to scramble and careen, never quite getting up on two legs and moving straightforward.

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