Scissor Now!: Now That’s What I Call Scissor Now! LP (Arbco, 2015)

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Scissor Now!: Now That's What I Call Scissor Now! LP

Scissor Now!: Now That’s What I Call Scissor Now! LP

Ann Arbor’s best sax-driven prog-punk trio returns with their second full-length album. The album seems slightly more refined and accessible than their debut, with less Ruins-like intensity and maybe a bit more of a dance party vibe. The band’s angular version of “Into the Groove” is titled “Madronna”, condensing Ms. Ciccone’s best song into under 2 minutes, and sounding way more focused than Sonic Youth’s dubby deconstruction of the same song. A few tracks from their stopgap EP Shear Immediacy! make their vinyl debut here, including their “Billie Jean” cover, which actually appears uncredited at the end of the second side, with the groove spinning outward from the middle of the record. Likewise, their Britney Spears cover (whose original name I don’t know, nor do I care) does the same thing on side A. The album also includes the group’s second, slower version of Ann Arbor punk standard “Make Babies or Die Trying”, which takes the song in a much jazzier direction than their more punkish first version… at least until they start screaming the song’s title, with added emphasis on the “OR!!!” Also, similar to the first album’s “Ham Sandwich”, this one has another short song about food, namely “Pizza & Cheese”. Another fun, exciting, crazy LP from one of my absolute favorite local bands.

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