Ryan Huber: Aleksandr CDr (Inam Records, 2015)

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Ryan Huber: Aleksandr CDr

Ryan Huber: Aleksandr CDr

The newest full-length from the overwhelmingly prolific Ryan Huber contains nearly an hour of slowly creeping, droning pieces with brittle rhythms. A few tracks (such as “Death of Institution”) seem to have somewhat of a minimal techno rhythm before they melt into static and distortion. Others are the opposite, slowly developing clicks and pulses out of the ether. “Tribunal” is a pretty affecting bit of soft dubby pounding beats and moving ambient drone. “False Intuition” is closer to jittery, clicky IDM. “Aleksandr” and “Emerge” both have paranoid, queasy synth melodies. The digital version ends with the death-ambient drone “The Hidden Word”, and the limited CD-r includes that as well as its finale, the thumping, clicking “Parallel Form”. Huber releases tons of music and I haven’t posted about everything on this blog because I don’t want to repeat myself too much, but it’s all worth checking out, he’s constantly refining and updating his sound. This album’s available for free download on Bandcamp but I’m not sure where you can get the limited CDr version with the bonus track.

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