Slow Meadow: s/t (Hammock Music, 2015)

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Slow Meadow: s/t

Slow Meadow: s/t

Appearing as the first outside artist on post-rock band Hammock’s own label, this is an album of quiet, orchestral, soundtrack-like post-rock/ambient similar to Stars Of The Lid, Eluvium, or Rachel’s. The album is perfectly sad and weepy and exquisitely recorded/produced, and many of the tracks flow together, creating an hour-long suite of sorrow. Lots of swelling strings and echo, and some spooky choral undertones on a few tracks. “Every Mournful Breath” has some withered/fading textures, which add a nice touch. “The Grandeur of a Modest Moment” has some soft, slow, tremor-like beats. Some of this (especially the first few tracks) reminds me of Moby’s incredible ambient album Little Idiot, which barely anyone knows about because it was a bonus disc on import pressings of Animal Rights, his universally derided punk album, but some of his ambient stuff is actually quite astonishing. Anyway, this Slow Meadow CD is seriously lovely, I’m trying to get myself to listen to something other than the Red House Painters vinyl reissues that I just bought, and this is hitting the spot nicely.

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