The Blind Shake: Live in San Francisco (Castle Face, 2015)

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The Blind Shake: Live in San Francisco

The Blind Shake: Live in San Francisco

I saw this band open for Thee Oh Sees at SXSW this year at a free show late at night inside a cramped, sweaty room, and all I can remember is that it was 100 degrees and I had to wait for an hour or so until the band performed and I was worried that my friend was getting impatient, even though she really wanted to see Thee Oh Sees. So I don’t really remember much about how this band sounded. Listening to this live album, they sound pretty decent, actually. Two brothers both snarling and playing noisy guitar and a third guy bashing away on the drums, no bass (so if you’re not into trebly garage rock with no bass, this might not be for you). With 2 exceptions, all the songs are under 3 minutes, usually about 2 and a half, and they’re mostly uptempo and smashy, owing equally to British punk and ’60s garage rock at its stompiest. The guitar effects are great, they definitely make good usage of such a limited palette. The whole album is over in 25 minutes, which is just perfect. I think I need to see these guys again and actually pay attention next time.


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