Detroit 442: Pigs LP (Hell City Records, 2015)

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Detroit 442: Pigs LP

Detroit 442: Pigs LP

This punk band clearly and proudly hails from Detroit (just check out their anthem “Another Night in Detroit”), but it’s easy to mistake them for a British band, given singer Lacy 442’s over-exaggerated Johnny Rotten snarl. He definitely gives the band character, setting them apart from loads of other samey-sounding punk bands. The band has a riff-happy melodic sense similar to the Sex Pistols as well, although some tracks like opener “A Fear Of…” are repetitive, almost motorik. They kick into hardcore overdrive on tracks like the brief “Such a Laugh” and “The Fall of Everything”, and they pay tribute to their ’60s garage rock influences by covering The Troggs’ “I Want You” (recorded live at Detroit’s Comet Bar). Best of all is the hilarious “Ted Nugent Sucks Dog Cock”, which more than lives up to its fabulous title, meaning that it is completely unsafe for radio airplay. There’s also side B’s intro “Sonata Per Un Uomo Arrabbiato”, which has discordant piano playing showered by taunts of “you motherfuckers!” The album concludes with the lengthy “Pigs”, which breaks loose from the fast, short punk format for a slower, more psychedelic noise-rock jam with horns, sort of in the spirit of The Stooges’ and MC5’s epic jams, which has a subliminal chant of “kill all the pigs.” The whole album is super fun and creative, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously yet it says some interesting and pertinent things.


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