Timeghost: Cellular (Chondritic Sound, 2014/Load, 2015)

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Timeghost: Cellular

Timeghost: Cellular

This album combines fractured industrial drone with creepy spoken word. Unlike a lot of albums that do things like this, a lot of the spoken vocals are undistorted, which makes them even creepier when they say things like “Do you feel something on your leg?” The first two tracks respectively utilize synthesizers triggered by cell phone interference and field recordings of the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. The third track (“Dissection Theater”) has more of a shuddering rhythmic noise pulse to it, with distorted vocals reciting a cut-up version of the Nuremberg Code. “Delicate Resonances” is a warped lullaby with lyrics sourced from Methodist hymns, with a female computer voice reciting text by the artist’s mother. The other side is a little different, it doesn’t always do the spoken word stuff, at least not always in the same way as the first side. “Uber Orgone” is a pretty haunting track with chiming synths, electrifying drums, and operatic shrieking. It’s too easy for me to think of Coil when I hear this type of creative industrial-ish music that really doesn’t succumb to all the horrible cliches of industrial music, but it’s a valid comparison all the same. Closing track “Gaia” has weird massed voices chanting robotically. Seriously strange and haunting. Not to mention the die-cut artwork on the vinyl version on Load Records. An impossibly hard code to crack.


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