Multicast Dynamics: Scape (Kaukana Väijyy Ambient, 2014/reissued Denovali, 2015) + Aquatic System (Denovali, 2015)

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Multicast Dynamics: Scape

Multicast Dynamics: Scape

Denovali Records has been doing an amazing job at consistently unearthing quality experimental music of all stripes. One of the best things about the label is the fact that when they sign someone, they tend to reissue some of their older, limited/out of print releases as well as issue new works. So the label introduces Samuel van Dijk’s Multicast Dynamics project to the world by reissuing an obscure tape he released last year, as well as a new proper album. Scape (the older album) makes its CD and vinyl debut, and it’s a haunting album of echoing, watery dark ambient. I just noticed that this is actually an alias of dub-techno producer Mohlao, and this makes total sense, as his tracks always had a bubbly, wet texture to them. Instead of being tied to techno beats, this is minimalist 20,000-leagues-deep sonar music. There’s soft pulsations, as well as sub-bass rumbling. It feels remarkably strange and alien. At times some dimly lit (not exactly warm) drone fades in, a lot of the time it’s just pitch black. The whole thing is just wonderfully murky.

Multicast Dynamics: Aquatic System

Multicast Dynamics: Aquatic System

Aquatic System (the newer album) expands on the tape’s sound, which is to say it goes even deeper under the surface. It’s also more expressive and awe-inspiring. It travels deep, but it finds life there. There also seems to be more of a rhythmic pulse to it than the previous album. It’s more informed by his dub-techno sound, even if it’s neither dub nor techno. Most importantly, it’s got BASS to it. Something to float around in weightless suspension to. Definitely the best Multicast Dynamics release so far (these are apparently the first two installments of a four part series).


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