Graham Repulski: Success Racist (Shorter Recordings, 2015)

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Graham Repulski: Success Racist

Graham Repulski: Success Racist

Now based in Pennsylvania, prolific lo-fi songwriter Graham Repulski continues to release brilliant music at an astonishing rate. His short, hissy, abstract tunes are reminiscent of ’90s indie rock at its most simultaneously catchy and experimental, with 3 minute anthems like “Octopus Bribes” sitting alongside minute-long fragments which sound like they were recorded in a laundromat. His vocals generally sit behind the wall of guitar fuzz, and sometimes they’re double tracked. Song structures can build up into something monumental, or they can just wither away and dissolve. A few tracks have drum machines, others just have severely distorted drums, and others have none whatsoever. “James Run” has the most starkly emotional lyrics and melody, and of course it’s half-hidden behind guitars and barely makes it past two minutes before it gets smashed into the flanged-out psych-pop of “Planned Blackouts”. The album gets progressively catchier from there, culminating in the bludgeoning “In Waves” which commands “I want you to kill my mind.” Rok Lok Records will be releasing the album on tape, but Graham will be self-releasing the CD through his label Shorter Recordings; it’s available to stream and pre-order on his Bandcamp page now.


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