Five Star Hotel: #HOTELSEASON (Visual Disturbances, 2015)

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Five Star Hotel: #HOTELSEASON

Five Star Hotel: #HOTELSEASON

I already posted about Five Star Hotel’s latest tape on Decoder, but this kid is doing something so completely far-out and different than anyone else that I have to post about his other most recent release here. While the Outlands tape has ten lengthier tracks which are a bit slower than some of his other stuff, this 17-track, 24-minute mixtape is a seriously intense headrush. There’s way more hip-hop samples here, and way more of a manic juke influence. A few tracks start to bleed into gabber and hardcore (I’m thinking Bloody Fist style), and “Snowblind” (by far the longest track at 4 minutes) is a bit closer to harsh noise. I have to admit the whole “trap” thing isn’t always something I can get into, Southern rap in general isn’t really my thing and taking those styles of beats and turning them into hedonistic fratboy/festival EDM is definitely not something I can appreciate. But this guy takes elements of trap, juke, gabber, Baltimore/Jersey club, and a huge shower of noise, and just turns them all into something else entirely. I’m astonished. I hope people outside of the Detroit area take notice of what this guy is doing because yow. And of course there is a ton of his music available for free download on Bandcamp that I haven’t even delved into yet.


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