Dura/Former Selves: Triangles/Among the Lilies split tape (Bridgetown Records, 2015)

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Dura/Former Selves: Triangles/Among the Lilies split tape

Dura/Former Selves: Triangles/Among the Lilies split tape

Kevin Greenspon’s Bridgetown label is always worth checking out, and its seasonal batches of tapes always ensure that a huge pile of goods will be delivered on a timely basis. I haven’t explored the label’s extensive catalog as much as I should, but every time I hear something droney or noisey or shoegazey from them it’s always incredible. This tape starts out with a side from Dura, who I haven’t heard before, but it’s 20 minutes of lovely layered acoustic guitar. In some ways it starts out sounding like if Mark Kozelek started making layered instrumental soundscape recordings, but then it builds from there. There’s traces of wistful steel guitar melodies in there. And then there’s chimes in the last 5 or 6 minutes. Hard to find info on this project because of the name, and this tape isn’t on Discogs yet, but I’m very impressed. Second side is by Former Selves, who doesn’t really need an introduction, but in case he does, he has dozens of tapes, splits and CD-r’s on Hooker Vision, Constellation Tatsu, Rotifer Cassettes, Lillerne Tape Club, etc. This side is a bit more minimalist and slower moving, and maybe more conventionally “droney”, but it’s also clearer and more melodic. It’s like staring out at an amazing view of a sea rather than sitting in an incredible forest, with a nice breeze rustling past you. It’s just really lovely music for you to relax and clear out thoughts to. The way it builds is remarkable. And then that ending. Buy or stream it on Bandcamp.


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